JML collaborates with architects, owners, and contractors to find creative solutions for demanding projects. Using over 45 years of knowledge, designing and investigating structures and building enclosures, to appropriately balance performance, reliability, and cost. At JML, we help ensure the design intent is achieved in the completed project.  

Project peer review is an independent evaluation of design concepts and/or management procedures. Project peer review is not intended for all projects but only for those projects where it is believed that a greater degree of quality assurance is necessary than under normal circumstances..  

Field Inspection of alleged construction and/or structural design deficiencies, including in-depth field data collection. Engineering analysis of discovery documents and field inspection data, combined with obtained technical research. This research is then prepared into a technical report with engineering analysis, to communicate clearly and effectively for use by a wide variety of audiences, including clients, architects, contractors, construction litigators and insurance claim adjusters/agents.

The Firm offers a broad range of integrated services to its Clients. JML Engineering provides complete Structural Design, Working Drawings, Specifications and Field Support for all sizes and types of projects from Preliminary Studies through the Construction phase. Related services include Structural Investigations and Remedial Design and Construction Consulting, with a special emphasis in Rehabilitation, Restoration and Recycling of existing buildings.

  • types of projects
    The types of projects we have provided services on include low and high rise Residential Buildings, Commercial and Industrial Complexes and Institutional and Educational Buildings constructed of Light Wood and Heavy Timber Framing, Reinforced Masonry and Concrete, Structural Steel and Precast Concrete. The firm has also provided independent structural reviews (peer review) of various projects. See our current project list for more information on work in progress.

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  • Creative Solutions
  • Collaborates with Architects, Owners,
    and Contractors
  • Develop Multiple Options
  • Anticipate Issues
  • Solve Problems



  • Improve Performance
  • Reliability of Existing Structures
  • Comprehensive Options
  • Affording Ease of Construction