JML Engineering is a full service structural engineering firm whose business philosophy is to provide a high quality product that is economical to construct.  

Mr. Looney is a structural specialist on the Massachusetts Task Force1 of F.E.M.A.’s Urban Search and Rescue Team. He is also 1 of 12 structural specialists in the country for F.E.M.A.’s Incident Support Team.  


JML Engineering provides complete Structural Design, Working Drawings, Specifications and Field Support for all sizes and types of projects from Preliminary Studies through the Construction Phase. Related services include Structural Investigations and Remedial Design and Construction Consulting, with a special emphasis in Rehabilitation, Restoration and Recycling of existing buildings.  


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Construction Contributions Drive Hospital’s Rise in Haiti

Constructing any major hospital is a challenge, but building a 320-bed state-of-the-art teaching hospital for $16 million in the highlands of Haiti is fraught with difficulties.

Construction of the 180,000-sq-ft teaching hospital for all of Haiti began in July. Plans call for it to be operational by Jan. 12, 2012. Despite challenging conditions, including a refugee crisis and a raging cholera outbreak that began in a camp a mile away, work is well under way. “We are about to pour our first big roof slab, which is a milestone,” said Ansara in early April. “It is a complicated slab—complicated reinforcing for what is normally done on the island. We are very particular about connections between beams and columns, which is really important seismically.”

Even with the oversight of a fairly well-trained general contractor and engineers brought in from the Dominican Republic, it is a challenge to create reinforcing plans that can be executed by untrained workers, says John Looney, principal of JML Engineering, Winchester, Mass., the structural engineer. “The labor pool in Haiti is extremely unskilled,” he says. Designs for roof slabs, such as the one about to be poured, need to be straightforward so that they can be applied to all situations. While a more complex solution may require less rebar, it is more prone to error.

Looney says the hospital’s 24-ft to 28-ft spans and load-bearing walls are unlike the 10-ft by 10-ft unreinforced modules that typically are found in Haiti. “Imagine a table with four legs on it … a building that is a concrete slab with ring beams around it and four columns. For a larger building they add more modules. To go taller, they stack them up,” Looney says. For full article click here.

The types of projects we have provided services include: Residential Buildings, Commercial and Industrial Complexes and Institutional and Educational Buildings. They are constructed of Wood and Heavy Timber Framing, Reinforced Masonry, Concrete, Post Tensioned Concrete, Structural Steel and Precast Concrete. Please call for a complete list of our projects, 781-756-0300.

  • Hospital in haiti
    central plateau, haiti

    JML Engineering and Client Partners In Health are constructing a 300+ bed hospital in Haiti's desperately underserved Central Plateau.

    Willowbend Country Club
    Mashpee, MA 250,000 SF Clubhouse

    This state-of-the-art private clubhouse facility for golfing members and their guests features a wood and steel frame structure, with its large, colonnaded veranda, evoking a style reminiscent of Newport, RI mansions. The clubhouse includes a full-service kitchen and dining area, bar, grille room, pro shop, administrative offices, and a terrace dining area overlooking the 16th, 17th and 18th holes of the championship golf course.

  • Private Residence
    Mattapoiset, MA

    The plan of the house is a cruciform with spaces, which radiate from a central mechanical core. The shape of the house reflects a simple pyramidal form. Each side of the pyramid varies slightly, reflecting the functional changes taking place within. The house steps down following existing grades allowing higher ceilings in more active areas. Over the center of the roof is a widow's walk, which affords 360-degree views and gives the house a traditional seaside appearance. This space is also the natural ventilator for the house, allowing through-breezes to cool it.


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