Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts (24067), Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Alabama, Kansas, Texas and Colorado.

Life Member – American Society of Civil Engineers Member – Boston Society of Civil Engineers Member – American Concrete Institute Member – National Society of Professional Engineers



John Looney

Mr. Looney has had extensive experience in the rehabilitation, restoration and recycling of existing buildings. Many of the buildings are heavy timber framed with brick bearing walls. Several of the buildings are historically significant, such as the Vamp Building in Lynn; it was largest shoe factory in the world. This building was extensively damaged in the Great Lynn Fire of 1981. The exterior has been completely restored and it has been recycled into apartments.

Mr. Looney's experience includes many residential complexes. The types of construction materials cover a broad spectrum from wood framed two and three story town houses to seven story precast concrete and reinforced masonry bearing wall buildings.

Mr. Looney presented a paper to the 1st North American Masonry Conference in Boulder, Colorado in 1978 on the restoration of the Pine Street Inn Tower Boston, MA. Mr. Looney also presented a paper to the 9th North American Masonry Conference in Clemson, South Carolina in 2003 on the recovery of 6 fire fighters killed in the Worcester warehouse fire.

As a Principal with Aberjona Engineering Inc. Mr. Looney has had total responsibility for administration and engineering of projects of various sizes including "Peer Review Engineering" for three high-rise projects in downtown Boston.

Mr. Looney is a structural specialist on the Massachusetts Task Force1 of F.E.M.A.’s Urban Search and Rescue Team. He is also 1 of 12 structural specialists in the country for F.E.M.A.’s Incident Support Team. Mr. Looney has designed and tested over 59 fall arrest roof anchor systems.

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